EKA Limited Military Recovery Systems & Winching Equipment
Military Recovery Systems & Winching Equipment

Partnership for success

EKA Limited is the UK Agent for ROTZLER products in the UK. ROTZLER is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic winches and winch systems for lifting and pulling loads. In close cooperation with renowned bodybuilders, we develop customized winch solutions for various applications. These include fire and rescue vehicles, cranes, drilling rigs and military vehicles.

Drum Winches

Drum winches are in some senses, the simplest type of winch. The rope is coiled around the hydraulically driven drum to pay-in or pay-out the steel wire rope. As the size of the rope drum increases, so the amount of rope stored on the winch increases.

Drum winches can be considered the workhorse of winches. Perfect for high levels of usage, for lifting, hoisting and pulling applications.

Capstan Winches

The ROTZLER TREIBMATIC capstan winch is a revolutionary type of winch that features twin capstan drums around which the rope travels. Crucially, the rope is stored off the winch in a separate rope storage drum. As the rope winds its way around the grooved capstan drums, the pulling power increases.

The special twin capstan design means the TREIBMATIC winch delivers maximum pulling force along the entire length of the rope. This delivers a unique operating advantage over traditional drum winches, whose pulling power is only delivered when the rope is at the bottom layer of the rope drum.

Winch systems

ROTZLER winches can be combined with other accessories and even other winches to create more complex winch systems.

The versatile HZ range of drum winches can be combined to form a high capacity dual winch system for pulling heavy loads. Similarly, the larger TREIBMATIC winches can be partnered with small HZ winches to provide high capacity recovery pulling winches with smaller, lightweight auxiliary winches for deploying heavier winch ropes.

Control systems

As the complexity of winching, lifting and recovery systems increase, so do the demands of the control system. ROTZLER control systems utilise modern CAN-Bus technology to integrate the control of multiple sub-systems and integrate with third-party systems and host vehicles.

Control systems from ROTZLER can be integrated with other equipment thanks to the common, standards-based CAN-Open protocols. Vehicle body builders leverage the flexibility and adaptability of ROTZLER's CAN-Bus systems to deliver vehicle sub-system integration, automation, safety limits and distributed control points.

Case Study: ROTZLER systems in SuperCompact

Including the 600.2 Recovery Crane, the SuperCompact recovery system utilises four winches from ROTZLER. That's in addition to the ROTZLER CAN-Bus system controlling each sub-system and their interaction. Combined with Muli-Functional remote Control, the operator has an unparalleled breadth of control from a single chest pack, allowing precise control of one or multiple systems onboard.

Project highlights

MoD Support Vehicle (Recovery)

EKA SuperCompact in UK

The British Army's principal recovery vehicle for wheeled and tracked vehicle.

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EKA SuperCompact for Oman

EKA SuperCompact for Oman

Delivering on a unique requirement: Suspend tow recovery of the G6 Self-Propelled Howitzer.

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EKA Lightweight Recovery

EKA Lightweight Recovery

Supporting light & medium weight wheeled vehicles, utilising smaller, lighter, higher mobility assets.

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Supporting MLRS RRV

Supporting MLRS RRV

Providing long term support to a cornerstone of British and NATO artillery systems: Multi Launch Rocket System RRV.

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