EKA Limited Military Recovery Systems & Winching Equipment
Military Recovery Systems & Winching Equipment

A portfolio focusing on delivering capability

EKA Limited's project portfolio demonstrates our commitment to delivering best in class capability of military recovery equipment and winching systems.

From delivering the latest CAN-Bus control system technology to the British Army's Support Vehicle (Recovery) Fleet, to enabling suspend tow of one of the largest self propelled howitzers in service today, and to support the on-going repair and recovery capability requirement for the MLRS fleet, EKA Limited's experience and products speak to our ability to deliver the capability and performance demanded by armed forces across the globe.

Case studies from the field

Our experience and knowledge of recovery vehicle dynamics, capabilities and crucially, their limitations, comes from decades of delivering integrated solutions with vehicle platforms. EKA Limited's approach has always been to 'build & learn' which is to say that, while CAD modelling has its place, vehicle capability, handling and performance can only be truly understood through technology demonstrators.

These case studies illustrate some of EKA Limited's project portfolio through development of equipment and integrated solutions.

SuperCompact for the UK: Delivering Support Vehicle (Recovery)

Perhaps EKA Limited's most significant contract of recent years is the successful delivery of 288 recovery vehicles to UK MoD on time and on budget.

The Prime contractor for the Support Vehicle Programme, MAN Truck & Bus UK Limited, chose EKA Limited to deliver the recovery vehicle element of the programme after EKA's extensive product development and technology demonstration investment during the late 1990's and early 2000's.

Culminating in the SuperCompact recovery top hamper, the Support Vehicle (Recovery), or SV(R) as it is commonly known, delivers suspend tow, rigid tow, lifting, recovery winching and self recovery capability to the British Army's wheeled fleet.

Lightweight: A high mobility, agile, intimate recovery system

Operations and deployments over recent years have allowed EKA Limited to gain deeper understanding of the detailed and nuanced challenges faced by British forces. This includes the developing requirement to support light and medium weight wheeled vehicles in line with the existing repair and recovery philosophy, while utilising smaller, lighter, higher mobility assets.

The EKA Lightweight recovery system has been designed and developed over the last five years to answer this complex requirement.

SuperCompact for Oman: Suspend tow of the G6

Delivering on a unique requirement: to provide suspend tow recovery of the G6 Self-Propelled Howitzer. This particular requirement was challenging in many respects, but the principal requirement of suspend tow of the Denel G6 was the real test of SuperCompact’s capabilities.

Teaming up with Iveco, and utilising their Astra M410.54 WM 8x8, it was clear that the combination of the Iveco platform and EKA’s SuperCompact recovery equipment was up to the task.

Delivered in 2014, the recovery vehicle passed its demonstration trials and successfully lifted, towed and recovered the G6.

Project highlights

MoD Support Vehicle (Recovery)

EKA SuperCompact in UK

The British Army's principal recovery vehicle for wheeled and tracked vehicle.

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EKA SuperCompact for Oman

EKA SuperCompact for Oman

Delivering on a unique requirement: Suspend tow recovery of the G6 Self-Propelled Howitzer.

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EKA Lightweight Recovery

EKA Lightweight Recovery

Supporting light & medium weight wheeled vehicles, utilising smaller, lighter, higher mobility assets.

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Supporting MLRS RRV

Supporting MLRS RRV

Providing long term support to a cornerstone of British and NATO artillery systems: Multi Launch Rocket System RRV.

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